June 2, 2012

We have been learning about the elements that make up a good story.

The first element that we are looking at is using a hook.  Getting the reader
interested in choosing your story to read. Getting them 'hooked' from the start.
There are several ways to hook your reader and they are:

To begin with a question.  
Who made this mess? (Ella)
Do you like pies? (Alex)
Have you been to Disneyland? (Tutewero)

Crash! Bang! The fireworks went off.  (Zoe)

Yay. Money, money money. (Mason)
Ow. Ow. Ow. (Noah)

"Mum, did you do the washing yet?  My T-shirt is in there," I said.
"I just started it," said Mum.   (Kayla)

A Quote
Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr Seuss.

A Poem
A Song
A Startling Statistic
or a good description of:  the setting or a character etc.

This is Holly's description hook.

The Jungle
In the jungle I can see beams of sunlight shining down through an endless mass of trees.  The trees cast large shadows.  It is so cold because of the trees blocking the sunlight.  There are paths leading this way and that, trying to find a way out.  There is the sound of raindrops dropping on the plants.  I can see rain drops slowly running down the leaves reaching for the ground.  All around me I can see trees everywhere, the leaves make it harder to find a way out.  As I try to walk I start to sink, soon the mud is up to my knees.  Arrrgh!  Help!

May 30, 2012

Hear Gemma's recount about our visit to the rock pools.

March 31, 2012

Read our memoirs
Remember that time ...
 (based on a poem presented at the Gail Loane Writing Course)

Remember that time
When we went boogie boarding
And saw a good wave?
It got too big for us
And we came to shore so quickly
That we fell off
And rolled in the sand
That was Summer. 
By Mason.

Remember that time
We went to the pools
And it was too hot inside?
We went outside
And jumped in the pool
And it was perfect
That was Summer.
 By Kayla.

 Remember that time
That we flew our kite at the park?
We went to our best friend’s house
To play
We lazed at the pools then
Got ice creams from the Dairy?
That was Summer. 
By Noah.

 Remember that time
Our Dad came in the tractor
And baled the silage?
And then we went over and
Thought ooh that stinks
That was Summer. 
By Zoe.

 Remember that time
We caught a humoungous fish
And it got away?
And took our hook
Remember that splash?
That was Summer.
 By Alex.

 Remember that time
We went on holiday?
We went to the beach
It was hot, hot, hot, hot
Then we went to the park
And had fish and chips
And the gull ate our chips?
That was Summer. 
By Lyneer.

 Remember that time
We dived in the cool pool
And we splashed about in it?
We floated on our backs
In the boiling sun
We turned bright red
Because we forgot to put
Sunblock on
That was Summer. (Ouch)
 By Gemma.

 Remember that time
When we camped out at the beach?
And it was low tide
We had to walk for fifteen minutes
To have a ten minute swim
That was Summer.
Remember that time
When we came back from the beach?
And dropped off our towels
We got a big growl
Because we had sand
In our pants
That was summer. 
By Jared.

 Remember that time
We went to the pools?
And it was so hot
Not in the big pools though
It was cold
After we got some lollies
From the lolly shop
That was Summer.
By Jemma.

 Remember that time
We were at the beach?
We had fish and chips
And a seagull picked up a chip
And we saw it and chased it
And Charlotte at a leaf on the beach
That was Summer. 
By Hannah.

 Remember that time
When we went to the beach?
And we forgot our sunglasses
The sun was beaming hot
So we went in the water
And it was too cold to stay in
When we came back out
Seagulls were on our towels.
That was Summer.
 By Kaylee.

 Remember that time
When we were freezing after a swim?
Then we would sit in the warm sand
With the sun shining on your face
We dug our toes in the sand to warm up
That was Summer. 
By Alex.

 Remember that time
We stayed up late?
We went on holidays
And played games
We went swimming
That was Summer. 
By Reeve.

 Remember that time
We went fishing?
I caught lots of fish
Then we went to the pools
That was Summer. 
By Breeannah.

 Remember that time
That you ate your iceblock
And watched cricket?
And Chris Martin got a hat trick
Then you played cricket
With your Dad
And he bowled you out
On your first ball
That was Summer.
By Jayden K.

February 24, 2012

I like to swim in the pool.
I like swimming.
I wish I could have a pool.

"Yay, yay, yay," I said.
I ran inside, grabbed my togs, towels and goggles.
I ran into the changing rooms.
I jumped into my togs.
Then I put on my goggles and I got 
into the pool.  
The nice warm water pushing against my body.
I love doing lots of things in the water but one thing
that I love doing and that is diving.

Swimming is so fun.
See me floating like a starfish in the pool with my friends.
I can do a starfish.
Going in the pool is fun.

Today I went in to the pool.
There were big waves and I made them all.
The sun is shining down on me.
Man it is so hot.
I am so glad the pool is cold 
because I was so hot.
Swimming is fun.
I love to swim.

Diving. Splashing.  Swimming.
Doing strokes.  Freestyle and kicking.
I like doing forward flips in the pool.
I swim in the pool.
I love swimming in the pool because
we get free time in the pool.
We have got a school pool.
The pool is so clear.
Goggles, togs and towels.
So much fun.
The water is so blue.
I bet you love it too.
Everyone swims.
It's like my arms are fins.
The pool is cool.

Hot in my swimming pool.
Having fun.
Backstroke. Freestyle.
Butterflies flying around my head.
Green leaves going around and around the pool.
Pool is fun.
The blue, blue sky above me.
Jayden K.
Splashing waves in the sun.
Have some fun all day long.
The water is sparkling.
It's a great time to have some
fun in the beautiful sun.

February 22, 2012

Swimming at the Town Pool

February 19, 2012

Swimming is so much fun.
Splash, splash, splash.
I do freestyle, backstroke, butterfly
and streamline.
It's so much fun.
When we went to the pool
we had fun.
We learnt stuff.
It was cold like ice.
I learnt to go under the water for 
5 minutes.
I learnt to do a starfish.

I do back stroke on my back in the Hawera Pools.  
I do freestyle.  I splash too.
I do dives and bombs.
It is fun.  I like water.
Water is like rain.
I like pools because they are fun.

I'm here.  I dive.  Splash.
Guess where I am?  
If you guessed the pools - you're right.
I jump on the bouncy thing.
I run and jump across a gap.
I made it.
I run and do a somersault off the edge.
I come up.
I hop out.
I got a flutter board.
I like the pools.
The pools are AWESOME.
Splash, splash, splash!
The water's shallow then deep.
I love doing breaststroke.
Freestyle is number 1.
Handstands are too! 
Oh how I love the Swimming Pools.

I went to the pools.
I put my togs on
and jumped in the pool.
It was warm.
I put on my goggles
and looked under the water.

I stare down into the deep blue pool.
I dive in.
This is the day I've been waiting for.
Breaststroke, under up.
I feel like a dolphin.
Going down, down, down
deep into the water.